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What we provide


If you are an SME owner wanting to improve the effectiveness and results of your business, then we can probably help you!

In business coaching, the key is to work on the right areas with you. This requires a process of careful business evaluation upfront. We start off using a high-performance business assessment system, which is backed up by a wide body of business expertise, both operational and advisory.  We know how to ask the right questions, open up new perspectives for business owners and equip them with a broader array of options for developing their firms & increasing profits. We will generate a bespoke roadmap for you and then accompany you along the implementation path.

We can also provide advisory (consulting) support to tackle specific commercial questions: SME leaders often know what issues or opportunities they want addressing, but can lack the internal resources to find the best ways forward. We can bridge this gap and to provide a cost-effective means of developing those new commercial frameworks and set-ups, as needed.

We can supply expertise and high quality analysis to help you develop effective strategies, business cases and action plans. But rest assured, we are pragmatic and experienced business people: we will always look for the most straightforward solution and look to minimise any disruption to your everyday business activities. Our goal is to help you develop simple strategies which are effective in increasing your profit levels.


Rod Roberts-Dear runs Tamarant Consulting. He knows the SME landscape well, having worked with owners of small businesses since 2005. He has both entrepreneurial & MD experience (MD for five years), and has worked across several sectors - automotive, industrial, construction, research services and telecoms. To learn more click here


As a small consultancy we aim to provide a flexible, pragmatic and personalised approach and find that this philosophy fits well with the outlook of the SMEs that form the focus of our activities. We look to support:

Our aim is to help clients realise their potential and to this end our core services revolve around supporting you to achieve Growth, realise Acquisitions and unblock Commercial Hurdles.

Our Approach